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May 2020

Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Advertising
Art Direction


The brief was to create a unique gender neutral clothing brand based in London. Establish a

brand narrative and brand identity & collateral 

and translate that into a look book featuring

own photography.

Not only is the brand gender neutral, but age neutral as well. I felt that there are not many

brands that are age neutral and this would break boundaries in the market. The target audience for the brand are creatives of all ages in London.

The name arrived from part of our brand manifesto:

"A paradise and breath of fresh air for all in the bustling concrete jungle."

The first draft of the look book. Because of COVID, the location for the photoshoot could no longer

be London so the photos had to be taken in

Los Angeles. The original plan for the South

London buildings to be a feature changed to the streets of Los Angeles since the manifesto of the brand is "concrete jungle."