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January 2021- May 2021

Art Direction
Web Design
Print Design


For my thesis project, I wanted to honor Chinese culture and empower Asian Americans through jade jewelry. My project is an attempt to reconnect with my roots. Jade jewelry holds a lot of meaning and symbolism in Chinese culture and it stands
for protection and prosperity. It gives a sense of empowerment. Jia is the name of my jewelry brand and it translates to “home”. Given the current
social political climate, it would be empowering
for Asian Americans to be able to carry with them a piece of protection, of identity, of heritage,
and of (our ancestral) home.

I feel that much of the jade jewelry market online
is detrimental to Asian representation because a lot of the language used is exoticist and promotes eurocentric ideas. This is why I felt a jade jewelry brand that centers Asian Americans was important in reclaiming and subverting the narrative.


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